Bulimba Barracks To Create Traffic

Bulimba Barracks To Create Traffic

Local politicians are at odds over the development of the Brisbane City Council’s Bulimba Barracks.

The development was part of a rushed process to convert the 20-hectare riverfront site, following the federal government’s decision to sell off the Australian Defence Force estate.

Proposed construction includes residential dwellings, commercial spaces, public parkland’s and sporting facilities.

But Member for Bulimba Di Farmer says it’s important the Master Plan “factors in” the impact it’s going to have on already congested areas.

Di Farmer: “It takes an hour to get to the city in peak hour from the Hawthorne and Bulimba areas. I think we’re the only area within 5 kilometres of the city were it takes an hour to do so and that’s probably one of the biggest issues.”

A number of traffic and road upgrades have been proposed as part of the Master Plan to combat traffic issues which may affect the area.

These include new intersection upgrades for Lytton and Apollo Roads, and new road connections on Hood Street, Carbeen Street, Bolan Street and Baldwin Street.

But Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says the potential congestion could’ve been worse.

Graham Quirk: “Normally on a site like this you could expect perhaps far more development, but it is constrained by the traffic arrangements and that’s why this area has been limited under the Master Plan to 850 dwellings.”

Community consultation for the development is open until November first.

Chloe Ranford, QUT News.

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