Crime Wrap

Crime Scene

Tostee, 29, was due to face a committal hearing at Southport today.

But his lawyers, and prosecutors, agreed to a registry committal.

This means evidence about the death of Warriena Wright won’t be made public until the trial, which could be more than a year away.

In Melbourne, a man is in critical condition after he tried to stop a thief stealing his car.

The man forced his way into the back door of the car, but became wedged between the vehicle and a roadside pole.

As the thief drove off, the man was dislodged and struck his head, receiving critical injuries.

Witness Evan Whyatt said: “Fortunately, as I said, that nurse was there and I think he, if he’s lucky enough to survive, it’ll be mainly because of her.”

The car was dumped a few blocks from the scene.

CCTV vision shows how it took four police to arrest a man who’d allegedly threatened to blow up a service station in Melbourne.

The man was confronted at a laundromat, when he lunged for a knife.

Police used capsicum spray and a baton to detain him.

And in Adelaide, a man is in hospital after trying to put out a fire which caused $100,000 worth of property damage.

Fire crews were called to the scene around 3am after a brush fence was set alight.

Police are treating the fire as suspicious.

Chloe Ranford, QUT News.

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