Apps Every Journalist Must Have

“People are increasingly turning to Smartphone devices and tablets to consume news. This changes the way we have to present the news and they way we engage people,” said Mark Furler, Australia Regional Media’s group digital editor, in last weeks lecture.

Enter the mobile app.

Apps are computer programs used to enhance the functionality of the ‘mobile experience’ on Smartphone’s and tablets. There are all sorts of useful apps, tools, programs and products that can enhance our jobs as journalists and make life that little bit less stressful. This has revolutionised journalism – no longer do you have to lug around a camera, a computer or a recording device. Now, all you need is a Smartphone – plus a couple of apps!

Here are my recommendations for the top apps every journalist must have. Download them and try them out for yourself.


        1.     Google Play Newstand

Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: Stay informed on world and national news with Google Play Newstand. It brings together free and paid news items from over 1,900 wo
rldwide publications, which can be saved for offline viewing.2.


Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: Pixable is a content app aimed at the Millennial demographic. It coverers both soft and hard news items through the publication of print and GIFs. This is great for journalists who want entertainment-based news.

   3.      Flipboard

Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: Flipboard is a magazine-inspired app formatted specifically to you. The content is personalized based on your interests, favourite topics and people you follow. This means you’ll only see the news you’re interested in.


       1.     TapeACall ($)

Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: This apps allo
ws journalists to record the conversations they have over the phone. This is a real lifesaver when you are unable to meet with the person you’re interviewing and you’re nowhere near a recording studio.2.


Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: Soundcloud has been dubbed the ultimate audio app. It allows users to upload, record, promote and browse through millions of sound bites, songs and voice recordings (most of which are free to use).

iSaidWhat ($)

Device: iPhone
Details: When you need to edit audio on the run, iSaidWhat is your go-to app. This app allows journalists to record, edit, arrange and share audio – all at the click of a button. 


       1.      Fotor

Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: Fotor is a versatile photo editing app that lets you edit, collage and share images on social media. It allows journalists to edit their photos away from the desktop while still retaining the professional results.

TouchBlur ($)

Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: TouchBlur allows you to blur the faces and/or logos that are featured in your photographs. This prevents copyright issues and is used for sources wish to remain nameless.


        1.     FiLMiC Pro ($)

Device: iPhone
Details: FiLMiC Pro is one of the best video-recording apps to date. This app converts your Smartphone into a professional HD camera with additional filming features, such as zoom, white balance and focus,


Device: iPhone
Details: Voddio a professional-grade audio and video editor app. It allows you to work with two tracks of video and four tracks of audio. This is a great solution if you don’t want to lug around a camera.


      1.    Twitter

Device: iPhone and Andriod
Details: Twitter is a microblogging network that helps you monitor events in real-time, build business contacts and keep up to date on news and trends. It’s simple to navigate and offers a direct, to-the-point approach that is adored by modern journalists.


Device: iPhone & Andriod ($)
Details: Dataminr is a breaking news alert system designed for journalists. It detects which tweets are gathering momentum on Twitter – before they’ve become common knowledge. This gives journalists an early tip-off on potential stories.


Device: iPhone & Andriod
Details: Tweetdeck sorts the congested stream of tweets on your feed with one click of a button. It allows users to exclude words, filter out retweets, view tweets with images or follow hashtags.


Device: Andriod.
Details: When you’re scouring through social media, you often come across images that are – truly – unbelievable. A simple way to check whether the image has been around before is to drop it into TinEye. The app will track the images digital fingerprint and present you with the original.


Device: iPhone & Andriod.
Details: Instagram is a visual storytelling service. It’s becoming the go-to device for visual news stories, which reach a more sizable online audience due to location, keywords and hashtags.


Device: iPhone & Andriod.
Details: The world’s largest social networking site can be invaluable to journalists. Facebook gives journalists the means to promote stories, reach global audiences and find sources and leads.


Device: iPhone & Andriod.
Details: LinkedIn is a must-have app as you can send “InMail” messages to people you’re not connected to – perfect for situations when you can’t find a person’s contact information. It also allows you to search its database with keywords. This is helpful when you’re looking for a person from a specific company, location or occupation.

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