Welcome To The New Apartment


Welcome all to my first blog post from the new apartment in Sheffield, England!

The apartment has been giving me the runaround for the last couple of months (thanks to a series of miscommunications with the developers), but now that I’m here and moved in, I can truthfully say it was well worth the effort!

Having a small studio apartment located in the heart of Sheffield means I am a stone’s throw from the Moor Markets and (my personal favorite) Sheffield Hallam University. I can come back after a night out or walk back from my university classes, without having to worry about catching public transport – which, trust me, after almost two years of one-and-a-half hour commutes to university in Australia (one way) is a true clincher.

As an added bonus, the apartment is brand new, furnished and catches the morning sunrise. What more could a person ask for…? Hint: not much. The only thing I wish it had were a little more power plugs in the kitchen (two is not nearly enough!) – but other than that, the place is (for me) absolute perfection.

I’ve decorated the apartment with the colors white, black and red in mind – although time will tell if that decision will last. I’ve purchased red-colored dishcloths, washing liquid and (soon-to-be) towels. The only issue with the theme so far is the white bedsheet cover I bought with pale, yellow flowers (I couldn’t walk past its bargain price). But, I think a tasteful white, red and yellow pillow will tie the whole polite mess together.





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