Fact or Fiction? Busting Common Travel Myths

Whether you’ve heard it from your best bud or saw it in an awkward coming-of-age movie, there are plenty of first-time travel myths floating about in the big ol’ world. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably bought into a few of these travel myths yourself. Fiction or fact, let’s get to busting the most common travel myths!



Shocking, I know. But despite popular belief, traveling isn’t (or at least doesn’t need to be) a huge drain on your wallet. In fact, a recent rise in the frequency of travelers has left global tourism cheaper than ever, as more and more businesses spring up to support demand. With more and more tools to save money and budget what you DO have, now is the best time to get out there and travel!


Truth… sometimes.

Duh… right? I’m not saying that traveling isn’t the best thing that will ever happen to you (nine times out of ten it totally is) but it won’t always be a walk in the park. Sometimes, you’re just struck with dumb rotten luck and have to deal with a serious drop in your fun-o-meter. Like when your train is super delayed, making you miss that music festival you bought tickets to months ago. Or when a storm hits and you’re stuck indoors without much to do. Other times, you find out that the places you’ve chosen to travel to just aren’t your cup of tea – like Russia in the middle of winter (turns out that being cold sucks). Plus if you’re spending an extended amount of time away from your home country, you’ll might go through some culture shock.

We all react differently to the issues the pop up while traveling. But often these issues are passable (and even their own form of fun) and soon you’ll find yourself bouncing back in no time!



While the thriller movie Taken might have made us applaud in amazement, it also made a whole lot of us swear off the idea of traveling solo. Like, ever. But regardless of what Liam Neeson has led you to believe, most of the world is incredibly safe and likely even SAFER than your own neighborhood.


Myth… sometimes.

This should come as a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this little titbit of information is forgotten. Forgotten, that is, until you flash your ID at the barista in the pub along with your award-winning smile… and he refuses service. Talk about awkward. To save yourself an awkward encounter with a bouncer, make sure you check what the legal drinking age is in the countries you’re traveling to before you depart.



When it comes time to pack your suitcase before heading overseas, you’ll fawn over every little thing in your wardrobe and wonder how you’re going to live without your stuffed bear, Mr Biggins. And that cute pair of black stiletto heels you wore that one time. In fact, you’ll get so concerned that maybe – just maybe – you can’t live without them, that you’ll manage to squeeze them into your suitcase. But then you’ll get overseas and realize Mr Biggins takes up far too much space for your liking and your heels will SO not be practical for the snow-covered grounds of Alaska.

Regardless of the justifications you have in your head while packing, stick to the mantra that if you didn’t need it at home, then you won’t need it overseas. With that little titbit in mind, you’ll be sure to weed out the non-necessities and free up some space for some well-deserved souvenirs.

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