5 Great Uses of A Neck Pillow (Besides, Y’Know, the Obvious)

5 Great Uses of A Neck Pillow (Besides, Y'Know, the Obvious)

The neck pillow was created for one purpose: supporting the neck. But that doesn’t mean we need to play by the rules – especially when it concerns such a contributory and versatile companion for pretty much anything travel related. So, without further ado, here are five great uses of a neck pillow (besides, y’know, the obvious).


Alright. Allow me to introduce you to the slightly, but not so overtly, obvious. A neck pillow… for an actual pillow! It’s borderline shocking, I know – like that time you saw someone turn a t-shirt into a dress. You’re just all question marks. But doubling a neck pillow as your actual pillow reaps a tonne of benefits. Like saving you from having to cart a huge-ass pillow around. Helping you improve your posture. Protecting you from having to touch that stained hostel pillow… Need I say more.


Word has it Arthur Conan Doyle’s Dr John Watson once said: “If you’re seated and you start to experience back pain, position the arms of a neck pillow on either side of your spine, between the seat and your lower back.” Or at least, he would have if he’d ever felt the padded support the U-shaped pillow offers. No joke. It’s one of the best ways to alleviate that I’ve-been-sitting-in-the-same-spot-for-hours pressure on your lower back.


When it comes time to pray, meditate or do a spot of packing, kneeling can cause quite a bit of strain on the knees. You need only kneel down on a hard, wooden floor for a couple of minutes for the unequivocal evidence to show – often in the form of sore, blotched red patches. For a more comfortable kneeing experience in the future, fluff out a neck pillow and tuck it beneath your knees.


Picture this: you’re four hours into that long-haul flight to Abu Dhabi and even though you’re in your most comfortable pair of sweatpants, you’re starting to get a hard case of numb bum. It’s the seats fault – it feels like it lost its padding back in 1983 – but now you’re the one reaping the unfortunate consequences. You’ve tried walking, stretching and switching positions, but nothing seems to work. Just when you start to question if standing for the whole flight is socially acceptable (hint: it’s not), the solution comes to you. Grab your neck pillow out of the overhead and position it between yourself and your seat. The result? Instant relief.


It’s called a LAP-top because it’s made for our laps… right? Err, no. Sitting your laptop on your lap can cause all sorts of badness for both you and your mechanical loved one. Like, causing the skin on your thighs to pigmentate. Or – maybe even worse – making your laptop overheat. To prevent heartbreak, prop your neck pillow between your legs and your laptop. Make sure to position the arms of the pillow so that your laptop still gets enough air flow underneath it, otherwise it could still overheat. Keep in mind this isn’t an indefinite solution – laptops were made to sit on hard surfaces, so don’t keep it on your lap for long!

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