15 Things Aussies Miss When Travelling Abroad



  1. Australian lingo. Cause sometimes it’s too awks trying to explain to your Irish pals what you meant when you said you “went on a Maccas run in your tracky-dacks”.
  2. Eucalyptus trees. Somehow, it just doesn’t feel (or smell) the same without them.
  3. The laidback style of Australia’s morning breakfast shows. Nothing starts the weekdays better than colloquial banter with your 6am news.
  4. Proper garbage disposal, which keeps public areas clean.
  5. Genuine customer service. The kind where staff great you when you come in, smile and make sure you’re being taken care of.
  6. Not having to add on the price of GST to each of our purchases.
  7. The ‘cold’ Australian winters, where temperatures are unlikely to dip below 15°C and all you have to do to keep warm in chuck on a sweater.
  8. Classic Australian fashion wear, such as thongs, sunglasses and short-shorts.
  9. Always being within driving distance of luscious, white-sanded beaches. Y’know, the ones with crystal-blue water and bronzed beach babes.
  10. Aussie humour, including the frequent and casual use of crass, four lettered words.
  11. Not having to tip. Or rather, not having to dig around for cash.
  12. Australian food. Think MILO, Vegemite, Tim Tams, Weet-Bix, Shapes…
  13. The cloudless, blue Australian skies. You don’t even release how ah-maze-ing the skies are in Australia until you find your overseas destination is covered by an unrelenting blanket of greyish-coloured clouds.
  14. Fresh fruit and vegetable aisles with produce you can ski down.
  15. Not having to pay for shopping bags. Seriously. What’s up with that.

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