How To Make Your Makeup Last In Different Overseas Climates

Whether you’re travelling abroad or enjoying life on exchange, keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless with these helpful climate-specific makeup tips.


Who doesn’t love looking glamourous after a whole day of classes and sweltering heat? No one, that’s who.

To get the look, start with an oil-free moisturiser, which will absorb the morning shine from your face and resist the development of sweat (score!). Follow with a touch of primer to help preserve the makeup on your skin for longer and hold the goodies in place. Spritz a little makeup setting spray over your face for extra insurance, then squirt a pea-sized blot of oil-free foundation onto your makeup brush or sponge and blend, blend, blend. It’s important you avoid using your fingers when putting on your foundation in hot weather, as those babies are covered in natural oils, which can make your makeup that little bit oilier.

Then, dab (not drag) some pressed foundation over your face, to set your liquid foundation and prevent it from sweating off. Follow with your usual makeup routine, if needed – but beware of products which shimmer under sunlight. After a few hours, your amazeballs cheekbone highlight will just add to the sweat-faced look you’re so desperately trying to avoid, so drop it while you can. Finish the look with a makeup setting spray, which will keep your makeups wear for longer.

If your makeup starts to run a little slick, you can get rid of it with some blotting papers and a touch of pressed foundation.


Forget cakiness – what about your makeup rubbing off onto your eight scarfs and three beanies right in front of the locals?

For starters, if your usual makeup routine is a little on the heavier side, swap it for something a touch more lightweight. Moisturize with an oil-free lotion to combat surface dehydration, then work in a primer. This will help keep the makeup on your skin longer, while also giving your skin some much needed moisture. From here, apply some hydrating lip balm to keep your pout on fleck and pull on your winter wear.

Follow with your usual makeup routine, if needed, then set with a brush topped with setting powder. After this, blot a tissue on the places that will come into contact with clothes or accessories, to get rid of that ‘extra’ makeup. Once you’ve polished off the excess, it’s a good idea to finish with a makeup setting spray, as extra insurance against your foundation jumping ship.

Worst comes too worst, whip out some baby wipes and remove the makeup which has already worked its way onto your clothes.


As if wearing makeup wasn’t troubling enough, you’ve chosen a university which sits in a country notorious for its torrential rain (here’s looking at you, Ireland). For the short time that you’re there, you want to maintain your fresh-faced glory. The solution? Mermaid-proof your makeup.

Massage in some moisturiser in keep your makeup lasting that extra bit longer, then follow it up with a primer. Buff in some oil free foundations (think pan sticks or cream), so that if your face does get a touch of rain, you can blend it back together in no time. Avoid using powder foundation at all costs, as the product can make your face look patchy if you’re exposed to water. If you can’t (which I totes get), spray on some makeup setting spay, to – hopefully – stop the foundation from running.

Next, contour with some oil-free products (again, pan sticks or cream) and work in a touch of lipstick for blusher. Finish up with some waterproof eyeliner and mascara, if needed, coupled with waterproof lipstick. Set the whole thing with makeup setting spray for added protection against the more-than-miserable weather or keep an umbrella on hand.

If you do get wet, be sure to avoid touching your skin! You could end up smudging or rubbing off whatever makeup that you’ve touched – which is definitely a no-no.


Got your own makeup tips for those difficult overseas climates? Then let everyone know in the comments below!

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