Your Guide To Makeup On Tour

We’d all like to look our best when travelling the globe, but if you don’t have a simple grasp of the basics, it’s kind of hard to keep that morning perfection. Here’s some advice on how to look your best when travelling.


The golden rule for traveling is to travel light, but this doesn’t mean you have to say bon voyage to looking your best. As your mamma used to say, it’s all about quality over quantity. So instead of packing your whole makeup kit and caboodle, take that pastel pink lipstick and use it for blusher, eyeshadow and – of course – lipstick. Or, switch out your dozens of contouring products for one of the matte brown pigments on your eyeshadow palette. Genius!


Whip out your tours trip notes and do a little investigating. Are you going out to ride some rapids? Then pick up that waterproof mascara. Are you spending eight hours on the road? Then lather on some lip balm. This process might take a few minutes out of your morning, but it’ll stop you from going all out for nothing.


Um, yeah. We’re going there. And we’re not talking the bare-faced makeup trend sweeping the runways. We’re talking the all-natural, not-a-lick-of-makeup look that haunts most women’s nightmares. Cause if you can skip the makeup (even for that one bus ride upstate) then you’ll be doing your skin a whole world of favours – such as letting it breathe (aka reducing those zits) and rejuvenate (hello, healthy skin!).


If you don’t have the gall to go bare faced, then attempt to keep it to a minimum. Apply tinted moisturiser, then follow it with concealer on your more unmanageable spots. Set the t-zone with pressed foundation and run a little blusher over your cheekbones. Finish the all-natural look with a touch of mascara, before spritzing on some makeup setting spray. You’ll be looking fresh faced for hours!


To maintain that fresh faced look, pop some makeup essentials into your backpack so you can touch up throughout the day. Blotting paper followed by a touch of pressed powder will remove your t-zone shine (score!), while wet wipes can clean up makeup that’s transferred onto your collar (double score!). Other all-round must-haves include a soft-coloured lipstick and a small bottle of makeup setting spray – both of which are great for a quick makeup boost.


You’ve just arrived back at your hostel after a long day hitting up the local hotspots. You’re dead tired and the last thing you want to do is wash your face – especially when the bed looks oh so inviting. It can wait until morning… right? Well, no.

While sleeping with makeup on might be totally acceptable on paper, it’s a lot more troublesome in real life. Foundation, for starters, will smother your pores and prevent the skin underneath it from renewing. This can cause breakouts and even wrinkles in the long run. Lipstick, on the other hand, does a great job of drying out your lips overnight, while mascara can irritate follicles and cause conjunctivitis. Enough said. Just skip the nightmare ladies, and be sure to wash up before bed.


We’re all prone to a cake-face, a pimple, or an oily spot or two. That’s what being human is all about, so it is time to stop thinking such blemishes are the be-all end-all of the world. They’re not – so, relax. At the end of the trip, you won’t look back and remember that time you wore uneven eyeliner for a whole three hours. You’ll remember all the fun times you had exploring your (now) favourite countries.

Do you have any helpful tips for wearing makeup while travelling? Then let me know in the comments below!

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