The Pros And Cons Of Studying Abroad

Ever been caught stressing (like, really, really stressing) about your study abroad housing? We have… more than once, too. It’s totally normal. But it’s also kind of bonkers. Trying to find housing for your semesters abroad shouldn’t have to be such a stress-inducing ordeal. To save you from getting a head full of grey hairs, here is our step-by-step guide on where to find study abroad housing.

What types of study abroad housing is available for international students?

There are plenty of different types of study abroad housing available for you, but which one you pick comes down to your own personal preference.

  1. Single student accommodation. This is the housing situation used if you just want to spend your semester abroad looking out for numero uno. You’ll oversee ALL the bills, the shopping and the household chores. In short, you’ll become your own best friend.
  2. Shared housing. Shared housing is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a housing property where you share rent, communal areas (aka. kitchen, living room, etc.) and sometimes even a bedroom with other students. The benefit of living in shared housing is that you’ll get the chance to befriend people from other countries – or even locals!
  3. Student dorms. Student dorms are housing buildings for students on campus. They come in all shapes and sizes, and often include free furniture. Student dorms also allow you to have your own private accommodation, but still have tons of opportunities to interact with other students. It’s no surprise, then, that student dorms are a popular option for international students.
  4. Host Families. Host families are families consisting of at least one parent and one child who are willing to open their doors to a student from a foreign country for a specific period. The great thing about host families is that they’re a lot like your own family: you get your own room, you get to enjoy home cooked meals and you get to partake in family traditions. The added benefit, of course, is that you get to eat, breathe and sleep the local culture.

Where can I find study abroad housing?

Housing Anywhere:

Consider Housing Anywhere as the housing equivalent of a choose-your-own-adventure-book: where you go, what kind of housing you stay at, how long you stay and how much you spend is all up to you, so the power really is in your hands. Give them a peek at is the world’s leading provider for international student housing. They vet, check and approve each house that they feature, making sure you get the BEST of the best when it comes to student housing. As a bonus, the team also offers expert advice in a whole heap of languages, so you’ll be able to speak to them in your native tongue! For more information, check out


Looking for somewhere that’ll save you big time? Then check out Homestays – a housing finder run by a group of adventurers looking to provide everyone with wallet-friendly accommodation. Plus, they boast over 50,000 homestay rooms in over 160 countries worldwide! Check out for more information on housing options, or click this link to get 5% off your online deposit!

Uni Place:

There are a lot of housing providers who are good at finding you the perfect accommodation. But which of these base their business on trust? Well, we can tell you now – Uni Place does! Uni Place has a four-star Trustpilot rating thanks to its collaboration with trusted properties; making sure that you’re getting the safest deal possible. For more information, check out

Comforts of Home:

Maybe you want a stylish, furnished apartment that echoes the local architecture… but maybe you also want the sweet comforts of home. With Comforts of Home, you can have both! Just rent out an apartment in one of their five European cities (Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris) and bask in the comforts zof home. If this sounds like the place for you, check out

Be Roomers:

Looking to rent a room? Then look no further! Be Roomers helps you find your dream room in more than 50 of the most popular study abroad destinations worldwide! Sounds good? Then peep your peepers at


The staff at Livety understand the struggle of being in a foreign land for the first time. ‘Cause of this, they’ll help in any way they can – from helping you find your accommodation to even driving you from the airport TO your new property! Talk about going the extra mile. Give them a peek at

Student Mundial:

If you’re scouting for a free and simple way to book study abroad housing, then Student Mundial is the place for you. They pride themselves on making the housing process a smooth and simple procedure, by providing you the option to view a place, discover the area and meet the flatmates. They feature apartments in a ton of cool places, so head on over to to view to see if they have one near your overseas placement.


“What’s this,” you may think, “Airbnb can provide me with study abroad housing?” The short answer is yes. The long answer is HELL YEAH. Airbnb offers furnished homes for those longer stays abroad in over 65,000 cities worldwide. Plus, they have prices to suit anyone’s budget. To browse out what kind of goodies Airbnb can provide, check out

Study Abroad Apartments:

With verified listings in 13 global cities, Study Abroad Apartments offers the perfect accommodation ready for you to move in. What sets them apart is that they don’t just guide you to accommodations that fits your needs before you take off; they also provide ongoing support for your entire stay and even find you a roommate. Check out for housing options near your overseas university.

Your overseas university:

This is a simple one that a lot of people overlook, but finding your study abroad housing through your university is often one of the best things you can do. In most cases, the service is offered for free, and the university will ensure that the housing is affordable, safe and local. What more could you want?

One final tip on study abroad housing.

Choosing your study abroad housing is also one of the most important decisions you can make during your study abroad preparations. Where you end up living and who you end up living with could seriously impact your study abroad experience. Give yourself heaps of time to decide which housing option best suits you and your needs – whether that be financial-wise, language-wise or experience-wise.

Study abroad housing can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but in doing so, you’ll grow and mature as a person (#adulting). And just remember – it’s one of your final steps before you head overseas!

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