Down Under Student Puts SHU Journalism Up Top!


Published on Sheffield Hallam University’s Journalism blog (Journalism@SHU) on January 26, 2017.

An exchange student from Down Under has put Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University and our BA Journalism course right up top…

As part of her degree at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Chloe Ranford spent a semester studying feature-writing, photography and celebrity culture at SHU.

On her return to Australia, she wrote two posts on her website about the plus points of living and studying in Sheffield.

Where the Journalism course was concerned, she highlighted academics’ accessibility and ‘compassionate’ pastoral care, the more intimate nature of lectures, the more practice-based nature of seminars, and the willingness of tutors to look at students’ work in progress.

Each of my SHU tutors,” she writes, “made a conscious effort to learn everyone’s name; often made rounds during classes to chat one-on-one with students and see how they were faring with both the coursework and life; stressed the fact that they were there to help and that no question was too idiotic; and posted times that they were free during the week so that students could pop in for a chat.”

SHU as a whole, she says, is a “world renowned university” with a dedicated international experience team and “expert educators”.

“All of the teaching staff at Sheffield Hallam University are experts in their academic subjects. This not only helps inspire student learning, but also allows you to make important real world connections.”

She pinpoints the range of practical experience offered, such as: “creating a live online newspaper; writing articles for magazines; and producing TV and radio packages.

  • The option to undertake work experience at a media organisation for credit points – a great way to spice up your resume while overseas!
  • And, the option to specialise in areas such as sports journalism, feature writing and social media.”

Of Sheffield, Chloe says the city is “safe, green, cheap, independent and lively!” And, because of its strategic position midway between London and Scotland, and its ease of access to major train routes and airports, it’s also “the perfect place to study at if you want to explore the UK (and Europe)”.

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