The Biggest Micro-Scholarship Assisting Student Travel Writers

As a quick search of Google would tell you, scholarships don’t grow on trees. In fact, they’re darn near impossible to get your mitts on. You need to be some sort of genius-philanthropist-angel hybrid to even get a shot at the monies these days. And ever if you do qualify, the process can often be a nightmare: submitting essays, gathering references, hiding the bodies… the list never ends.

But, for international students, there’s a way to get around this snag. Enter the Micro-Scholarship; small but powerful shots of cash that can add an extra something (think Starbucks) to your overseas travels.

The most popular Micro-Scholarship floating around the big ol’ WWW is student travel publication Rakbo’s $150 Micro-Scholarship. This scholarship gives past and present international students the chance to win up to $150 each month (we repeat, EACH MONTH) just through writing fun-filled travel articles. That’s it. Scouts honour.


To get your paws on that sweet, sweet moolah, follow these steps:

  1. Join Rakbo’s multi-disciplinary team of travel writers at
  2. Put your creative hat on and whip up some mind-blowing travel articles!
  3. Get your articles published on Rakbo and have them read by 40,000+ readers per month!
  4. Share your article with your friends and fam via social media, email, carrier pigeon… whatever works!
  5. The three most popular articles EACH MONTH are awarded a Micro-Scholarship! A $150 Mirco-Scholarship is awarded to the Rakbo contributor with the most popular article. Runners up for the most popular article on Rakbo also receive $50 and $25 Mirco-Scholarships for their efforts! Talk about it being worth your while.


  • Confidence booster.

Who knew winning a scholarship could be so assuring? But that’s what it does. Winning the scholarship makes you release you know a darn good thing or two about writing. And that, maybe, you can tackle bigger obstacles than you thought. Ondine Romanini, one of Rakbo’s past Micro-Scholarship winners, agrees: “I never would have believed I would be able to write for an international website at only 17-years-old, yet alone win the $150 Micro-Scholarship with my first article! But Rakbo gave me self-confidence to do it.”

  • Resume improver.

Nothing screams ‘HIRE ME’ like a scholarship, and Rakbo’s Micro-Scholarships are no different. Once you score yourself the moolah, jot your achievement down on your resume. Future employers will be impressed to see you’ve taken the initiative to write for a popular online publication – plus, the scholarship proves your skills in writing, social media optimization, independence and organization. It’s win-win!

  • Wallet filler.

Uh, duh. When it comes to scholarships, nothing compares to the actual winning of the money. (Except, of course, for the spending of said money.) Think of what you could do with an extra $150 dollars to throw around. Enough said.


Like what you see? Then check out for more information.

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