Gender Equality On The Menu at Ladies Lunch

Dan Murphy’s Caloundra is holding a Ladies Lunch on International Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of female employees and females within employee families.

The lunch, which will be held on March 8, was spearheaded by customer experience manager Hannah Ivey to “encourage gender equality” – all while having fun.

“It is important that we celebrate [International Women’s Day] each year to commemorate all that women have accomplished for society … and celebrate all achievements of women in the world, whether these be social, economical, cultural or political,” said Miss Ivey.

“Unlike men, women are often also regulated to register duties and aren’t given the opportunity to do stock work because it’s stereotyped as a more ‘male’ discipline.

“It was stereotypes like this that made it a struggle create a culture in which women were treated as equals when I was first promoted to a duty manager.”

Gender equality is still an ongoing issue in the drinks industry as just 1 in 5 senior executives and two per cent of CEO’s in the drinks industry are women.

“It wasn’t until a woman stepped into the role of area manager that that cultural change really took off in Queensland stores.

“Through her support, I have broken those boundaries and helped make a ripple effect so that women from other stores aren’t afraid, now, to step up and progress.

“This is why I wish to educate the Ladies Lunch female attendees on the rights and wrongs of gender equality and show our support of them not only in the workplace, but also in their own lives as well.”

Highlights of the Ladies Lunch will include a discussion on the prevention of domestic violence, the presentation of appreciation certificates to female employees and a selection of foods and drinks.

The lunch follows a long-time effort from Dan Murphy’s stores across the region to raise much-needed funds for domestic violence victims in Australia.

The liquor giant will this year be matching donations to White Ribbon dollar for dollar.

White Ribbon is appealing for funds to set up domestic violence prevention programs and end violence against women in Australia.

“Dan Murphy’s Caloundra has received over 203 separate donations in support of White Ribbon in the last week, which just goes to show how much our local community values violence prevention,” said Miss Ivey.

Customers can support the charity by submitting donations at their local Dan Murphy’s store.

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