State-of-the-art library brings Picton into the information age

Picton’s new $6 million library is “bridging the gap” between residents in need and state-of-the-art technology.

The futuristic structure, on the corner of Dublin St and High St, has brought an injection of modernism to the local community.

Picton Library librarian Pam Vallender said the facility, which is still undergoing outdoor construction in its courtyard, has become the neighbourhood’s “friendly face of technology”.

“It’s where people go for information, in all senses of the word,” Vallender said.

“The 2018 Census was a great example of that. It was online-only for the first time, so we had a lot of residents turn to staff for aid so that they could take part in it.”

Plans for the library were based on extensive consultation with the community, which included focus groups with different stakeholders and representatives.

Their call for updated library facilities was granted with up-to-date computers, digital library displays and flat screen televisions.

Vallender said that the devices represented a step forward towards bridging the technological divide.

“There’s still a huge gap in society between the people who aren’t up to speed with technology and those that are, but we help people who need it to grow alongside these technologies.

“It’s a service that’s required.”

Marlborough-born resident Jodie Black agreed.

“It’s a hub of information. I’ve come in to do some paper scanning for my parents, which they’re unable to do at home,” Black said.

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