Hanna Brieven, Rakbo Contributor, December 2017
(Chloe managed Hanna directly.)

“Chloe is a very intelligent woman with a lot of interests. Every two weeks, I had to submit an article for her to review on Rakbo. She was always very positive and helpful with her feedback. She would never bring you down; only lift you up and make you even more excited about your own articles.

If I ever had any troubles with deadlines, Chloe would answer my emails within 12 hours (there is a big time difference between Belgium and Australia, which does make this very fast). She has very good insights about my topics and did her own research to help me make my articles as good as they could be. It was very nice working with her and any company would be lucky to have her.”

Hwan Hill, CEO of Rakbo, November 2017
(Hwan managed Chloe directly.)

“Since joining our team in October of 2016, Chloe has effectively pitched, written and publicized bi-weekly articles on the topics of travel, studying abroad and lifestyle. She has individualized herself through her consistent writing of thorough, in-depth travel articles that, while informative, are presented in an entertaining and witty manner.

Chloe’s skilled abilities caught our attention and, in March of 2017, we hired Chloe as Rakbo’s Editor-In-Chief. Right from the beginning, Chloe impressed everyone with her high quality of work, her deep knowledge on various subjects, her reliability, her adaptability, her friendliness and her very professional attitude towards everything she did.

Above that, Chloe proved herself a pleasure to work with. She was very optimistic, highly energetic and always on the lookout for ways to improve. Chloe would be a great addition to any company and I recommend her for any future employment she chooses to pursue!”

Angela Romano, Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), July 2015
(Angela managed Chloe directly.)

“Chloe Ranford is an intelligent, hard-working and personable student. It was a great asset to have Chloe as a volunteer for the “Who Makes the News? Global Media Monitoring Project” that I ran in mid-2015. Chloe provided valuable assistance by conducting a content analysis of stories from a range of Australian media organizations and entering the research findings into an online database.

While working on these tasks, Chloe demonstrated diligence, concentration and analytical skills. Chloe was one of 11 volunteers in the team that conducted the Australian “Who Makes the News?” project, which also feeds into a global “Who Makes the News Project”.

Chloe assisted with research workshops where volunteers worked individually and in pairs. In this setting, Chloe was a good team player whose friendly personality, enthusiasm and good communication skills were much appreciated.

The Australian ‘Who Makes the News?’ report is scheduled for release in September 2015, and Chloe’s assistance has substantively contributed to this successful outcome.”

Marnie Ludgate, Westside News News Editor, June 2015
(Marnie managed Chloe directly.)

“Chloe was able to follow instructions and work reasonably efficiently to file stories about upcoming community events and profile stories. She was able to do phone interviews and follow through with requests with little guidance.

Three stories that Chloe wrote while completing work experience at Quest Newspapers were later published in Westside News. Chloe was happy to try to develop her stories and work to provide an interesting news angle.”

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